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So I have a tower garden which is a hydroponic system. It has a 20 gal holding tank with pump to water the plants. What is a safe level of CL02 to keep the water clear of slim but safe for the plants. The pump is on a timer so it waters about every half hour and on hot days every 15 min. I also add mineral solutions to the water to feed the plants. Will the CL02 affect that solution.

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Running you system at 1-3 PPM will be sufficient to remove biofilm and algae without hurting your plants. It will not affect the nutrients, but if your mineral solution has any color to it, this may change – it is just the yellow color of the ClO2 being mixed in.

Please see our calculator to in figuring the right number of tablets or CDS to achieve 1-3 PPM. Using a Chlorine Dioxide Solution can be more accurate for mixing low concentrations, depending on the volume of water being treated.

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