Are there any chemicals that it should not be near or accidentally mixed with.

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Hi there,
Thanks for your question!

We’ve run some tests, and no found that any byproducts have formed when other chemicals are mixed with ClO2.

“Does chlorine dioxide form chlorinated disinfection byproducts?
The use of chlorine dioxide instead of chlorine prevents the formation of harmful halogenated disinfection byproducts, for example trihalomethanes and halogenated acidic acids. Chlorine dioxide does not react with ammonia nitrogen, amines or other oxidizable organic matter. Chlorine dioxide removes substances that can form trihalomethanes and improves coagulation. It does not oxidize bromide into bromine. When bromide containing water is treated with chlorine or ozone, bromide is oxidized into bromine and hypobromous acid. After that these react with organic material to form brominated disinfection byproducts, for example bromoform.
Pure chlorine dioxide gas that is applied to water produces less disinfection byproducts than oxidators, such as chlorine. Contrary to ozone (O3), pure chlorine dioxide does not produce bromide (Br-) ions into bromate ions (BrO3-), unless it undergoes photolysis. Additionally chlorine dioxide does not produce large amounts of aldehydes, ketons, keton acids or other disinfection byproducts that originate from the ozonisation of organic substances.
At neutral pH or at high pH values, sulphuric acid (H2SO4) reduces chlorine dioxide to chlorite ions (ClO2-). Under alkalic circumstances chlorine dioxide is broken down to chlorite and chlorate (ClO3-).”
Source: https://www.lenntech.com/processes/disinfection/chemical/disinfectants-chlorine-dioxide.htm

The only interaction worth mentioning is that ClO2 gas can create popping sounds (a burst without fire) if an open flame is present. This is why we always recommend turning off pilot lights during application of the gas.

Hope this has been helpful and explains why ClO2 forms less hazardous by-products than other disinfecting agents.

Warm regards,

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