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My wife has mold allergy and we think our house mAy be a problem. Can you describe the complete protocol for eliminating mold from a basement and also the living quarters? How about the HVAC ductwork?

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Hi there! Sincerest apologies for the delay in reply. We are presently making better efforts to stay on top of the forum.
Please see our data sheet for detailed instructions on mold removal in a house or building. You’ll just need to calculate the approximate square footage.
And a quick reminder that if you need more than 250 tablets to treat the space, please divide the amount between two receptacles (no more than 250 tablets per bucket) and to always add the tablets slowly.

You might want to consider following up the gas treatment with daily sprayings, up to 2000 PPM, for a week afterwards, especially if there is any visible mold. And if you continue to spray weekly, this will prevent any regrowth in those problem areas. Be sure to spot test if you are going to spay porous surfaces, such as carpet – ClO2 will discolor organic fabrics, but not synthetic ones.
As for the HVAC, if you are able to cycle this (run it briefly) during the gas treatment, this will clean it out as well. You need a well-sealed room for the gas treatment to be most effective, and you can run the HVAC system at the end. If the room is not well sealed and the gas is gradually escaping, you might want to consider a gas treatment just to target the HVAC. Run the HVAC after the gas is fully activated and has filled the space, and it will be sucked into the HVAC system.
Please ensure you are using appropriate safety equipment when gassing, and don’t allow any people or pets into the areas being treated.

Warm Regards,
KT @ Safrax

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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