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My dog suffers from itchy skin. Her diet is clean. She gets vitamins and oil. I have tried everything I can think of. Suggestions would be appreciated on how or if Cl02 can help and how to use it on her.
Thank you

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Hi there! Apologies for the delayed reply.
If you have investigated your dog’s diet, it is possible that the skin condition may be related to either mold or allergies, as these are both common issues.
For allergies, I have heard HEPA filters can be very beneficial for skin conditions.
If you suspect it may be mold, which is more common than people realize, you can treat her daily with a 100 PPM solution. Keep an eye on how she handles this concentration – if she is very sensitive, you can either reduce the concentration to 25 – 50 PPM, or spray her every other day at the 100 PPM strength.
I would recommend treating her daily for the first week or two, and then gradually reducing the application when you start to see improvements.
Wishing you and your dog the best of health!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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