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Anybody have suggestions for deodorizing and\or sanitizing crawl spaces? I found one of the Safrax videos on YouTube talking about 20-25 tables in 1-2 oz of water for deodorizing a car interior, but that’s a small, contained space. Should I use 200 tablets in 10oz of water?

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Hi there! Sincerest apologies for the delay in reply. We are presently making better efforts to stay on top of the forum.
Please see our data sheet for detailed instructions on odor removal in a house or building. You’ll just need to calculate the approximate square footage.
And a quick reminder that if you need more than 250 tablets to treat the space, please divide the amount between two receptacles (no more than 250 tablets per bucket) and to always add the tablets slowly.

Warm Regards,
KT @ Safrax

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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