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For gardening, we recommend spraying or irrigation with 5 to 25 PPM to prevent disease. However, when treating an existing disease, increase the concentration from 50 to 100 PPM.

It’s a good idea to start low and gradually work up the concentration – Reduce application to every other day if your plants show any signs of stress at higher concentrations. Alternatively, maintain at a level that is well-tolerated for daily treatment until the issue is under control.

Irrigation should suffice if the issue is in the soil or at the base of the plant. However, we recommend spraying the leaves and other affected areas if the problem is located elsewhere on the plant. If spraying, please be sure to spot test a small area first and check for any signs of phototoxicity.

We invite you to read our post on Safrax for Gardening for more detailed information: https://www.facebook.com/safrax.chlorine.dioxide/posts/pfbid02FdqDUJFMDh2bNaxVaN5pcB6wh1ucN7QVXJ2LV6NqsDxCZWDyTmoE3H7m5Kdvvmvml

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