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About the Shelf Life:

Unopened bags of Safrax tablets have a shelf life of over 5 years.

Once opened, the tablets typically have a shelf life of approximately 30 days due to their sensitivity to humidity. In some cases, 60-90 days have been observed. We say 30 strictly to prepare you. Moisture absorption cause the tablets to swell and lose their effectiveness. If this does happen, however, you can still use the resultant powder to mix chlorine dioxide solutions. 1 gram = 1 tablet, just bear in mind that your solution may be a slightly lower PPM than the calculation.

*The POOL and DISIN labels now come standard with five 100-packs inside the outer bag. These smaller packages are an appropriate choice that help extend shelf-life if you go through tablets more slowly.

To ensure optimal storage, we recommend transferring the opened bag, while still in the special outer wrapping, into an airtight container. We have seen excellent results when tablets are stored in a glass jar with a plastic lid that has an inner seal, or using a canning jar. A humidity absorbing packet or two may be added for good measure. We’ve seen this method of storage extend the shelf-life up to 4 months, even in humid environments. Methods of storage such as vacuum sealing, etc. have not proven to significantly extend shelf life of an opened bag. Some claim to get an extra month or so out of those measures, but we cannot guarantee those results.

Best way to preserve tablets: Follow above instructions, then when the tablets show signs of degradation, dilute the tablets in a high concentration, such as 3000 PPM (30 tablets into 32 oz of water), and store the solution in the refrigerator or a closet away from light. This method helps maintain the potency of the solution, extending its shelf life to approximately 6 months to 1 year.

This page explains how to prepare 1 liter of a 3000 PPM CDS:

How to make Chlorine Dioxide Solution at 3000 PPM?

Our calculator on the website clearly shows how to dilute from 3000 PPM for household use:

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