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Hi there! Sincerest apologies for the delay in reply. We are presently making better efforts to stay on top of the forum.
I see you already received an answer to your question, but in the interest of providing a few more details, I am relying again!
There are no chemical reactions with epsom salts, but while ClO2 does degrade *some* heavy metals, I looked into magnesium specifically, and ClO2 does not degrade this particular metal.
I am attaching our Dosage Guide for Hot Tubs to help you figure out the desired PPM. Of course your 100 gallon tub is half the size of the lowest volume provided on the chart, so simply diving the tablets for your desired PPM by 2.
We generally recommend 1 to 3 PPM for hot tubs, but I imagine you will only be using this cold soak once, 1 to 2 PPM will be sufficient for the ClO2 benefits for skin.
There will be no significant or harmful off-gassing at this PPM, but feel free to leave the bathroom door open to clear out any “chlorine pool smell” if you feel so inclined.

Warm Regards,
-KT @ Safrax