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We utilize tablets measured in grams (Gr). While each tablet is intended to weigh 1 gram, there can be a variance of up to 5%. Especially when multiple tablets are being used, it’s advisable to measure by grams to achieve a more precise ppm (parts per million) concentration.

About exceeding dosage for water purifying: If you detect a faint chlorine odor or taste, it usually indicates that the concentration is higher than what is ideal for the intended use. In such cases, diluting with water is the right approach. Depending on the situation, in emergency scenarios, having a slight taste reminiscent of a “chlorine pool” might actually be reassuring. It can indicate that not all of the chlorine dioxide has been utilized in neutralizing contaminants, suggesting the water is safer. Conversely, it is also possible in highly contaminated situations that the water will rapidly consume all the chlorine dioxide, leaving no residual taste within minutes. This underscores the importance of ensuring the water isn’t excessively dirty to begin with.